SETA is a company linked to environmental issues through the production of vegetable tannins and wood chips. The company is aligned with rigorous standards of social, environmental and economic responsibility.

SETA believes that sustainability is a set of actions that, for the most part, are intangible and imperceptible to our eyes, but of utmost importance for the maintenance of the environment, society and business.

History from 1941

SETA was the first vegetable tannin industry in the American continent and was composed of tanners, led by Mr. Edvino Leuck.

The company was born to meet the demand for vegetable tannins from local tanneries, but also began to serve the domestic market and quickly the international market.

As a result, in addition to expanding the cultivation of Black Acacia forests, it added value to the production chain, stimulating the producer and encouraging the cultivation of the species.

The modernization of processes accelerated from the 80's and in the 90's a unit was created for the development and commercialization of tannin derived products.

The current administration of the company seeks to consolidate new business and expand into new markets to ensure the sustainability of the business and the company. Today, SETA conducts business on all continents, in more than 70 countries.

Success trajectory


Sustainability and local impact

Social responsibility is one of our core values. The processes work with total respect for the environment, being obstinate for safety and integrating the needs of the communities where we operate.
SETA exists and acts within and on behalf of the community. Therefore, it recognizes that trade success is only possible in the presence of a healthy social environment that contributes positively to community activities.

Respect for the environment

Integration with the community

Social Action Guidelines

Seeking to guide our social performance and establish values, guidelines were created for all corporate actions and decisions related to SETA's social issue, encouraging actions in various segments of social responsibility.
The company supports environmental and social projects, as well as internal actions to improve the quality of life of our employees.

Understand the path of Black Acacia

It all starts with the the promotion of the Black Acacia plantation. After the growing cycle, Black Acacia trees are harvested and the land areas are prepared for new planting.

Proven Quality

SETA occupies a prominent position and recognition for the quality of products and services offered. We seek to be a reference in the markets where we operate.

In order to achieve this outstanding position, we do not measure efforts to implement the SETA Quality Program, an initiative aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

These efforts have resulted in better and more modern processes, sustainable values and certifications that prove our experience. In 1999, we achieved ISO 9001 certification for the production of vegetable tannins and in 2002 this certification was awarded to our specialty chemicals.

In 2004, the company achieved the Good Forest Management certification that guarantees that our forests are managed in the concept of sustainability: ecologically correct, economically viable and socially just.

Seta - ISO 9001

Quality policy

SETA is committed to the constant improvement of its Quality Management System as a success factor and development of its business, having the following permanent principles:

1. Customer: Seek customer satisfaction, meeting their expectations and needs;
2. Results:Improve continuously the results of the company, through permanent analysis of its performance, seeking to guarantee returns to its partners and personnel;
3. Team: Personnel development to efficiently and effectively act in pursuit of their professional fulfillment;
4. Suppliers: Develop alliances with suppliers;
5. Society: Contribute to the development of the community of which it is a part;
6. Safety: Give priority to a safe environment, guaranteeing and valuing the physical integrity of human beings;
7. Enviroment: Give priority to the respect for the environment, through personal engagement of each employee towards the environment.


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