SETA is one of the leaders in the production and commercialization of vegetable tannin and wood chips. Due to the versatility of its raw material, the products can be used for energy production, leather treatment, water and effluent treatment and as supplies for various chemical industries.



The Black Acacia vegetable tannin is a versatile, natural raw material, with remarkable characteristics that can be well used in many uses and applications.

A SETA tem investido constantemente em pesquisa e desenvolvimento
para transformar o tanino vegetal em produtos de uso em diversos


SETA is a traditional supplier of products and services for the tanning sector. It offers the world market a diversified line of vegetable, natural and modified tannins, synthetic tannins and chemical specialties, with great quality, efficiency and good cost-benefit.
Natural and modified vegetable tannins for tanning and retanning of vegetable and chrome leathers.
Setachem Specialities
Chemical specialties for tanning and retanning of vegetable and chrome leathers.
Setasyn Syntans
Synthetic products for use in pre-tanning, tanning and retanning of vegetable and chrome leathers.

New uses and applications

SETA constantly invests in the research and development of new products, based on vegetable tannins and new technologies for use in various applications. Innovative products, of natural origin, from renewable sources and ecologically correct.


Adhesive for use in wood and agglomerates.

Beverage Clarifier

Clarifier for the beverage industry


Dispersant for use in concretes and ceramics.

Nutrição Animal de Precisão

Sugar Clarifiers

Clarifier for the sugar industry.

Metallic Protective

Metal protector for use in metals.

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