Quality Management SETA Group is committed to the constant improvement of its Quality Management System as a success factor and development of its business, having the following permanent principles:

1. Customer: Seek customer satisfaction, meeting their expectations and needs;
2. Results: Improve continuously the results of the company, through permanent analysis of its performance, seeking to guarantee returns to its partners and personnel;
3. Team: Personnel development to efficiently and effectively act in pursuit of their professional and personal fulfillment;
4. Suppliers: Develop alliances with suppliers;
5. Society: Contribute to the development of the community of which it is a part;
6. Safety: Give priority to a safe environment, guaranteeing and valuing the physical integrity of human beings.
7. Environment: Give priority to the respect for the environment, through personal engagement of each employee towards the environment.
Social Responsibility Social Responsibility Social responsibility is one of the principles of SETA Group: total respect towards the environment, unrelenting pursuit of safety and integration with the needs of the communities in which it is engaged. The company exists and functions within the community and for the community. The company recognizes that its commercial success is a result of a healthy social environment, thus contributing in a positive, significant and sustainable manner towards the activities of the community, as well as conducting itself in a socially responsible manner.

Seeking to set grounds and guidance for SETA Group’s performance, rules were created for all actions and corporate decisions related to the social issue in the company. Based on these rules, the present social activity segments were created: support to environment projects, clothes-collection campaign, food-collection campaign, non-smoking campaign, environment week campaign, primary-food bag donations, equipment donations to municipal schools, internal actions to improve quality of life of their workers.
Recognitions and Awards Recognitions and Awards SETA possesses a recognized position for the quality of its products and services in the local market as well as in the international market. In order to achieve this outstanding position, great effort was applied in implementing the Quality Program directed to meet Seta customers’ needs and expectations.

In the year 1999 Seta received the ISO 9001 Certificate for vegetable tannins. In 2001 they conquered the certification for chemical specialties.

In 2003 Seta was evaluated by the Imaflore/Smartwood for the certification of Good Forrest Handling. Seta is the first company in the American Continent in the production of tannin and forestry of Black Wattle to be evaluated with a view towards certification. The certifier’s evaluation comprises the Seta Handling Units and Agroseta. In the year 2003 the certification was also granted to Acquaquimica, company deducated to the production of tannin-based specialties, for use in the water and effluent sectors.