Areas of Endevour

SETA maintains four different fronts in which it acts, offering solutions in each.

  • More about the Forestry


    Plants, conserves and harvests the forests in lands that are owned. Purchases forest raw material (Black Wattle bark and wood), promoting and seeking to improve the quality and productivity of the forests.


  • More about the MITA Woodchips

    MITA Woodchips

    Produces woodchips for the world cellulose market.


  • More about the Water and Effluents

    Water and Effluents

    Produces tannin-based chemical specialties for industries which serve the production of sugar and alcohol, petrochemical and water and effluent sectors.

  • More about the Leather


    Serves the leather sector through the production and the supply of chemical products and services to the tanning industry.